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Council Of Europe (1950)

Council Of Europe (1950)

Unissued / unused footage – dates and locations may be unclear / unknown. Council of Europe meet in Rome, Italy. Italian newsreel titles read: ‘Il Consiglio …
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Royal Opening Carmabi Research Centre Curaçao

This video gives a small impression of the Royal opening of the new Carmabi Research Centre on Curaçao by King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Nethe…

Dutch alcoholics receive beer in return for cleaning streets

A Dutch charity is employing chronic alcoholics to clean the streets of… Continue reading

“Toking it up (not really)” Mamakarpus’s photos around Amsterdam, Netherlands

Preview of Mamakarpus’s blog at travelpod. Read the full blog here: This blog …
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Barroso to testify at European court in influence-peddling case

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso is to testify before the European Court of Justice over the resignation of a commissioner in a tobacco-link…
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Toneelgroep Sterrenstof speelt De Minnaar deel 1

Op 3-1-14 speelde Toneelgroep Sterrenstof De Minnaar in het Tobacco Theater… Continue reading