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Pot Is Not A Gateway Drug!

Pot has been blamed for years as a gateway to doing harder drugs. But new data suggests not only is this blame misappropriated, there’s actually another more…

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Interview, Dick van Hal, Chief Executive Officer, Bouwinvest

Dick van Hal, Chief Executive Officer of Bouwinvest focuses on the investment strategies that help bring success for International investors in the Dutch mar…
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For my MYP Personal Project, I decided to focus on raising… Continue reading

Back to Linggajati (English version) – documentary about Dutch history in Indonesia – Joty ter Kulve

This version has English subtitles. You can turn them off (click the button in the bottom right corner), or watch the Dutch version:…
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Anima Mundi – Rhythm of the Spheres (live 2 cam)

Anima Mundi live at the Bluescafe Apeldoorn the Netherlands on July 10th 2013. Filmed by me and my brother.
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10/10/2012 American History: Colonizing Expands in the American Northeast From VOA Learning English, this is THE… Continue reading